Complaints against a marijuana facility

How do I file a complaint against a marijuana facility?

You can file a complaint electronically on the form below. A self-reported incident by a facility may also be converted to a complaint for additional investigation. 

The Department will accept all complaints filed against facilities involving alleged violations of Regulation R092-17NAC 453A & 453D and NRS 453A & 453D. The Department will then determine if the nature of the complaint is within the scope of its guidelines.

    The Department may, upon receipt of a complaint against a marijuana establishment, conduct an investigation during the operating hours of the marijuana establishment, with or without notice, into the premises; facilities; qualifications of personnel; methods of operation; and policies, procedures, and records of that marijuana establishment or any other marijuana establishment that may have information pertinent to the complaint.

      Per state and federal requirements, anonymity is provided for all entities filing complaints with the Department. However, the Department may factor response plan and time into complaints that do no contain the contact information of the complainant. If information is limited, the Department may convert the complaint into an "Alert Memo" that will be investigated during the next scheduled inspection of the facility.

        The following complaints will not be investigated:

        • Cost of services
        • Efficacy of marijuana
        • Customer service issues


          How will the Department investigate a complaint?

          • On the date the complaint is received, the complaint will be emailed to the assigned investigator
          • The investigator may call the complainant to discuss details of the complaint and document the issues discussed in the investigation notes
          • The investigator will prioritize the complaint based on the interview with the complainant and/or the complainants allegations
          • The complaint will be reviewed, classified, and prioritized based on the severity of the complaint
          • If the allegation is determined to be a situation of immediate jeopardy, it  must be investigated within 24 hours; all other complaints must be investigated within 30 days

            The complainant will not receive any information about the status or results of an investigation.