Marijuana use may be harmful to your baby. The chemicals in marijuana can pass through your system to your baby both during pregnancy and through breast milk, negatively affecting your baby’s development. If you are using marijuana and are pregnant or are planning to become pregnant, talk to your doctor. Below you will find many useful links to help keep you and others informed. The Nevada Department of Behavioral & Public Health has developed a web site, Sober Moms, Healthy Babies. You can reach us at


Using marijuana while pregnant or breastfeeding may:

  • Make it hard for your child to learn.  
  • Lead to low birth weight.  
  • Have a similar effect as tobacco smoke because it has many of the same chemicals.  
  • Make it hard for your child to pay attention.  
  • Expose your child to THC over a prolonged period of time.  
  • Have unknown impacts because there is no known safe exposure level to marijuana for a child. 



    For health care providers

    • During Pregnancy There is No Known Safe Exposure Level to Marijuana: Talk to your doctor