Safety Information - What the State is Doing


The state of Nevada takes its responsibility to help protect kids from marijuana very seriously. In fact, the law requires that the Department of Taxation, which is the regulatory agency in charge of retail marijuana, take a number of steps to ensure kids don't access marijuana. 


    Packaging and labeling requirements

    The Department of Taxation has established the following packaging and labeling requirements to protect children:

    • All marijuana and marijuana products must be sold in child-proof packaging
    • Marijuana products like brownies and cookies must be sold in a sealed, opaque container
    • "Keep out of reach of children" must be clearly marked on labels of marijuana products
    • Packaging cannot contain an image of a cartoon character, mascot, action figure, balloon, or toy
    • Packaging and labeling can't be modeled after a brand of products primarily consumed by or marketed to children

      Restrictions on advertising and marketing

      The Department of Taxation has also established restrictions on advertising, marketing, and products that may appeal to children.

      Marijuana products cannot be made in a form that: 

      • Is or looks like a lollipop or ice cream
      • Looks like a real or fictional person, animal, or fruit
      • Is modeled after a brand of products primarily consumed by or marketed to children
      • Is made with candy or snack food items
      Marijuana advertising cannot:
      • Depict marijuana being consumed
      • Be in any publication or on radio or TV if 30 percent or more of the audience of that medium is reasonably expected to be younger than 21 
      • Be placed within 1,000 feet of a school, playground, public park, or library 
      • Be placed on or inside of a motor vehicle used for public transportation or any shelter for public transportation
      • At sports or entertainment events that allow people in who are younger than 21
      Additionally, all advertising by a marijuana establishment must state: "Keep out of reach of children" and "For use by adults 21 years of age and older."

        Location of marijuana establishments

        The law limits where marijuana establishments, like retail stores and grow facilities, may be located.  

        No marijuana establishment may be located within 1,000 feet of an existing public or private preschool or K-12 school. 

        No marijuana establishment may be located within 300 feet of any existing community facility, such as: 

        • Day cares
        • Public parks and playgrounds
        • Public swimming pools
        • Recreational centers for children and teens
        • Churches, synagogues, or other places of religious worship

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